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Western United States Air Charter

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    It's Simple

    AirSF is not a broker. We operate our own fleet.

    • NO Membership Fees
    • NO Complex Partnerships
    • NO Risky Fractional Shares
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    Get Closer

    Since our planes can operate out of 80% more airports than most jets, your door-to-door travel time will be less. Where would you like to go?

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    Trip Quote

    Give us a call and we will prepare a custom trip quote that maximizes your convenience and privacy while minimizing costs.

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    Waiting for You

    In most cases you drive straight to the plane with your friends, family, pets, gear, etc. Often you are in the air within 5 minutes.

Why The Pilatus PC-12?

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Compared to most jets, the Swiss-engineered PC-12 has a larger cabin, longer range, and lower operating costs. The PC12’s ability to cruise at 300MPH and 30,000 feet but still operate out of short runways is unprecedented in private aviation.

  • Cruise Altitude: 30,000 ft
  • Range: 1,500 miles
  • Speed: 300 mph
  • People: 9

Popular Destinations

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    San Francisco / Bay Area

    Many airports to choose from. Don’t drive to SFO if San Carlos, Palo Alto or Marin are closer.

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    Lake Tahoe / Truckee

    Don’t sit in your car for 7 hours in traffic. Instead, load up the family and gear and be in Tahoe in 39 minutes.

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    Business trip to Santa Monica? Taking the family to Legoland? Short flights and over 20 airports to choose from.

Places In Reach

Los Angeles





Las Vegas

Napa Valley


Bandon State

Lake Tahoe


Sun Valley

San Diego

Jackson Hole


San Juan Islands

Request a Quote

Call today to speak to an AirSF representative and learn how AirSF Flight Services can get you to your next destination comfortably, safely, without the hassles of today's over-crowded airlines.